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Tactical Medical Care

  • Our Tactical Medical Care Program is designed for members of Close Protection personnel,  Police Tactical and other Special Ops Units, i.e. Public Order & Special Military Teams.  This course includes medical management of patient's in a tactical environment utilizing rapid assessment and treatment skills.  All instructors are experienced paramedics that have worked in real-life traumatic situations and provide invaluable insight and traumatic patient care methodologies for members of tactical teams. This program is medical directed and has been recognized by the Security Industry Authority as equivalent to the First Person On Scene qualification.
  • Pathophysiology of Trauma
  • Rapid Patient Assessment
  • Airway Management
  • Oxygen Administration
  • CPR
  • Trauma Management
  • Burns
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Safe use of an AED
  • Inner Perimeter Patient Care
  • Wounds and Bleeding
  • Ballistics Trauma
  • Spinal Immobilization
  • Chemical Agent Exposure Management
  • Environmental Emergencies
  • Triage
  • Become confident in managing life threatening conditions in a tactical environment
  • Instruction by dynamic Emergency Professionals
  • Realistic training mannequins and AED to practice skills
  • Engaging and practical approach to learning
  • We come to you!
  • We provide emergency tactical products and support
  • Peace of mind with a practical turn key solution
Target Audience
Course Length
  • 2 days
Course Dates
  • Customized to your availability and location


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